Terms and Conditions

Article 1

 These conditions together with some other conditions such as Delivery are applicable to all offers, orders and agreements of Beydokht.be

Article 2

 Placing an order and / or the acceptance of an offer means the acceptance of applicability of these Conditions by the buyer.

Article 3

This contract is only applicable just after acceptance of your order by Beydokht.be

If an order is not accepted, Beydokht.be will inform the buyer within three working days after receiving the order.

Article 4

  All offers of Beydokht.be are non-committal and Beydohkt.be keeps the right to change the prices, especially under legal regulations.

Article 5

All prices are calculated in euro and excluding VAT and shipping, taxes or other levies will calculate separately.

Article 6

All items except caviar-family articles are returnable within 8 days after receipt with receiving back the money. It is strictly requested that  the sealing / packaging of the items may not be broken, and the articles presented intact that by Beydokht.be be delivered.

 If this aspect is not respected, we can unfortunately not take back the items and the payment cannot be refunded.

Article 7

You are requested to check whether the items delivered to your home fulfill the order conditions. If this is not the case, please notify within 24 hours by send an e-mail to info@beydokht.be quoting the order number in the subject line of your e-mail, and a clear explanation why the article does not satisfy you. Beydokht.be will replace the item or cancel your payment if it is proved that the article is not accepted by legitimate reasons.

Article 8

In the exceptional situations that a sent item does not match de requirements of order, the Beydohkt.be keeps the right to replace the item with a new one or return the amount paid. Beydokht.be takes in this case the return shipping fees for its account.

Article 9

  If you are in default on any payment, is the Belgian judicial system, this agreement and related agreements competent to dissolve.

Article 10

 By Beydohkt.be delivery times are indicative only. Late delivery does not entitle you to claim for compensation or the right to cancel your order or to dissolve the agreement, unless the delay in delivery is such that you cannot reasonably be expected that the agreement intact. You are then entitled to cancel the order or terminate the agreement where necessary.

 Article 11

 You have the obligation to check delivery in order to find whether the products meet the conditions of agreement.

If this is not the case, make Beydokht.be as soon as possible informed and in any case within 24 hours after delivery.

Article 12

If it is demonstrated that the products do not conform to the conditions, the Beydokht.be will choose if the products to should be replaced by new products or the invoice value should be refunded.

Article 13

Beydokht.be is competent in the execution of your order (s) to make use of third parties.

Article 14

For all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements in which these Conditions indicate, only Belgian law is applicable.

Article 15

All disputes between parties will be submitted to the competent court in Belgium