Imperial Gold

 Imperial Gold Caviar is selected in lighter brown to golden yellow colors, extremely rare and perfect for special occasions

 Asetra (Acipenser Guldenstaetii)

One of the main sturgeon’s species originated to north of the Caspian Sea. The golden yellow to dark brown color of this caviar has made it one of the premium choices for Royal Families around the world. Only a few of main Caspian Sturgeon family species are grown in hatcheries, Asetra being one of them. Asetra caviar with its extraordinary taste and its dark to light brown color is now available to all.

Huso Daricus

This hybrid sturgeon comes from Acipenser Schrenckii (Amur Sturgeon) and Huso Daricus (Kaluga). The idea of producing Caviar from hybrid Sturgeon has come true by highly developed aquaculture methods. This hybrid fish is bred from two main species of Amur River in China. They are being farmed in large pools and little lakes in China. Pearls are large with a brilliant color with an unforgettable taste.