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Saffron is commonly used to spice all kinds of food including, steaks, chicken, fish, kababs and lots of other foods such as sweets and even ice cream.

Crushed saffron threads are soaked in hot but not boiling water for a few minutes prior to use in cuisine. This helps release the beneficial components.

In our website you can find a valuable collections about the saffron. All of these information are gathered together in Saffron Blog.  There you can find  some General Information about the Saffron or updates news about  the Health benefits of Saffron or very interesting information concerning with grading and  different kinds  Saffron

In our web site you can also find a big variety of very  Delicious Saffron made Recipes !

Our Products is awarded as The Superior Taste Award for The Best Quality by The International Taste & Quality Institute !The iTQi Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition of taste quality. It certifies that the awarded consumer food and drink products have met or exceeded the taste quality expectations of iTQi juries composed by 120 top European Chefs, Sommeliers and beverage experts. The products are tested blind on their own merits following a strict sensory analysis process that guarantees total neutrality.


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Saffron 0.5 gr.

“Beydokht Premium Sargol Saffron”

Base price with tax: 10,00 €
Sales price: 10,00 €

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Saffron 1 gr.

Sargol Saffron

Base price with tax: 18,00 €
Sales price: 18,00 €

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Saffron 10 gr.

Premium Sargol

Base price with tax: 105,00 €
Sales price: 105,00 €

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Saffron 2 gr.

Premium Sargon

Base price with tax: 30,00 €
Sales price: 30,00 €

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Saffron 5 gr.

Premium Sargon

Base price with tax: 56,00 €
Sales price: 56,00 €

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