Fish Egg

Salmon Roe

This colorful red to orange color roe comes from the waters of the US, Canada and Russia. These eggs are firm and glistening, orange-gold with a fresh, juicy and crunchy flavor. Great paired with classics like crème frîche or cream cheese, or used as a fresh finish to dishes.


This roe comes from freshwater trout caught in smaller inland lakes. With an assertive, bold flavor, this firm, translucent pink berries have what looks like a tiny orange eye in the center. Trout produce a medium-grained roe that has a tendency to be slightly sticky — a quality that can be disguised when it's piled high on a canapé with a little crème fraiche or stirred into a dip. A nice firm and jewel like pearl, Trout Caviar is an attractive addition to any dish. It adds a vibrant burst of color and flavor, impressive and bold.